Start Serving

Getting involved in serving

No One Expects You To Do Everything! However, we want you to know that God has a plan and purpose for you and has wired you up so you can serve in His church. You have a place and a ministry at Deep Creek. A major part of our Vision here at Deep Creek Anglican Church is helping people serve others in appropriate ways. We believe God has gifted and enabled every person to help in the life of the Church and we want to assist you in finding where you can serve.

Some ministries require co-ordinators and leaders, while others need team members. As part of our due diligence we will make sure you have the appropriate background checks and then specific training/preparation. Do not be deterred from expressing your interest. Ministry leaders will talk with you, and together, you can discuss your spiritual gifts and where you are at in life - then decide whether that ministry is a place where you can giving serving a go.

Personal Details

Please include the following details to help us serve you. If you do not need to update contact details, then just fill out your name. Note: we prefer to have an email that you actively check for reminders about volunteer activities. There is also the option of receiving SMS reminders on your phone.

Details of Gifting

Tip: What skills do you have at least basic levels of proficiency in?

Tip: What are you passionate about?

Tip: Which gifts has God given you that you actively exercise? We have a spiritual gift discovery course if you want to know more or alternatively talk to one of your leaders.

Tip: Gifts you may have or are interested in, but have not exercised. We can help you discover this.

Tip: How do you best function? Are you task focused or people focused? Structured or Unstructured? (Pick which way you lean or we have a test you can do)

Areas that interest you

The following is a list of existing ministry roles. You may consider starting a new one?