Children's Ministry Enrolment Form (2018)

2018 Children's Ministry Enrolment Form

This form is to be filled out by the parent/guardian of the participant.

Should you have any questions or require more information regarding Children's Ministry. Please contact the Office 9841 7427

Please note: all details on this form are securely recorded.

Contact Details

Emergency Contact Details

Tip: In the event you are unable to collect you child, please list the names of those authorised (If a person other than a parent or authorised person named below is to collect child on a particular day, permission must be given in person by the parent on the day.)

Health Details



Health Care Provider


Tip: In the course of activities, if your child appears in a photograph or a video taken by the church are you happy for this to be used to show what we did or advertise future programs (names will not be used unless additional permission is given)

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Helpful Details

Tip: Please include any impportant information not covered or comments.